American Indians by: Lee and Peter
Duiring the sixteenth century the work of colonizing America was left almost entirely to the people of Spain. While the other nations of Europe were contenting themselves with occasional voyages of discovery, or with slave-carrying expeditions and piratical raids, the Spaniards were extending their dominion in the New World with a rapidity and energy. Soon after the Spanish started their colonisation of the West Indies which lie in and around South America. It took only a few years to gain complete control of the four islands. The indigenous people of America were the natives of Central America, although speculation is to believe that there may have been tribes as far as Canada and Nevada. How many of them there were can never be properly determined but the number is expected to be around 10 million in total. The living conditions were fairly poor and were well below what the invading forces were. The American indigenous people mainly lived in tents and in self made huts; these would be made of wood, branches and leaves woven together. Apart from the living conditions, if you knew how to hunt you would be able to survive a lot longer than if you could not.