Background to the indigenous population.
The native people of Brazil were the American Indians. There were 2 to 6 million of them. They had many complex rules about trade, religion, warfare, leadership and trade. Most of them lived in villages.

How did the Empire colonise the nation?

When the Portuguese settled in Brazil, between 50 and 90 percent of the natives died from sickness which they had never encountered before as well as war slavery and abuse from settlers. Villages were set up to civilize natives. This wasn’t a peaceful settlement because many natives were killed and used as slaves.
How where the indigenous population treated when first colonised?
Many natives were killed or used for slave labour. They were treated extremely badly.
What impact has colonisation had on the indigenous people?
Brazil now has a large criminal population partly because of the high and unequal distribution of wealth and land. There are very few natives now. A lot of people now have low self esteems and not much money and are abusive with drugs and alcohol.
Óleo sobre tela de Cândido Portinari
Óleo sobre tela de Cândido Portinari