The indigenous people of India were the ancestors of the current Indians. They lived in a highly sophisticated manner for their period of time. They had developed wells, bathrooms, drainage systems, handsome jewellery, well made household utensils and copper weapons.
During this time disorganised kingdoms were fighting amongst themselves. The British took the golden opportunity to benefit from these internal quarrels and helped one king against another. In this bargain the British gained more power and wealth. The British trained Indian soldiers and employed them in their army. This army was far better trained and disciplined than the armies with small Indian kings who were just struggling to survive. Gradually the British succeeded in capturing very large parts of India. They made treaties with kings who accepted authority of the British. They were kings only in name. The British very cleverly managed to collect huge wealth from the people and the kings and soon colonised the nation.
This colonisation was rather peaceful since no violence was involved, and some how it wasn’t a really forced take over as the British immediately started helping the Indians with different technology. The indigenous people of India were treated pretty well also. They were constantly in trade with the British so living together just made things easier. The Indians were given British materials in exchange for spices.
However, the colonisation had impacts on the indigenous people. The indigenous people of India experienced many changes including their whole lifestyle. They couldn’t live the way they used to anymore. Instead they were introduced to new technology which they were not ready for.

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