The impact of Colonisation on Indigenous People.
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You are to work in a pair.

You are to choose one country which was impacted by colonisation between 1700 and 1900. Your role is to investigate the experiences and outcomes of colonisation in your chosen country and answer the broad question:

What impact has colonisation had on your chosen country?

Choose one of the following countries:

  • Canada
  • Unites States of America
  • South Africa
  • New Zealand
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Vietnam
  • Mexico
  • A South American Country (Peru, Brazil, Chile, Argentina)
You will become an expert on this country and produce a webpage that answers the above broad question. You are to address the following more specific questions in your assignment:

1. Background to the indigenous population. Who were they? How many of them were there before colonisation? How did they live?
2. How did the Empire colonise the nation? Was it peaceful settlement, was there a forced takeover, was violence involved?
3. How were the indigenous population treated when first colonised? What was the policy of treatment of the colonial empire?
4. What impact has colonisation had on the indigenous people?
How many were killed?
Did disease affect them? If so which diseases and to what extent?
Did they have to give up any degree of their culture, social structures and way of life?
Have there been any advances or gains from colonisation for the indigenous people?
Has the indigenous population been assimilated in the new society or are they still a distinct and separate group?
5. What is the position today? Are there problems that are still relevant? What has been done, what is being done and what do you believe still needs to be done to address any problems still existent today?

You will be creating a wiki webpage on your topic. As a class we will set up a wiki website and each of your pages will be attached to that site.
It is a simple program to use, very similar to producing this report in a word document. The difference will be is that your finished task will be online, as part of an entire class site on the impact of Colonisation.

This task is due to be completed by Friday 21st of May.
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After the exam period and city cite week you will then return to class for the final week of term, where you will undertake a task which requires you to read and learn from the other wikipages made by the rest of the class.