History of Native Vietnamese

Generations to generations of people moved from mountainous areas to plains. They constructed a system of irrigation dams to help handle the red river. The river had brought many floods that caused large amounts of damage each year. It was to fight against flood, storm and drought. This lead to them farming rice from the ground they had created with there irrigation systum. To grow there rice they did it in soggy ground.


Chinese Colonisation

In 207BC the chinese took over vietnam and the chinese introduced their advanced civilization into the area. They also forced the vietnamese to adopt chinese custons and blieves. The chinese ruled for over 1000years till 939 before the vietnamese mainaged to throw off there conquerors. The vietnamese continued to expand there border up to the gulf of Thailand. towards the end of this period the country broke off into 2 stats 1 north and 1 south state. Following a civil war the country was reunited.

great-wall-of-china.jpg French Colonisation

In 1858 France invaded vietnam. Political weekness made it easyer for france to invade. In 1867 the south became a French colony known as Cochinchina, and in 1883 central and northern Vietnam became controlled French known as Annam and Tonkin. The French exploited the area to get raw materials for export, including rice, coal, and rubber. The french ended up losing part of vietnam after world war 2 which led to First Indochina War. This war went on for 8 years. Armerica sent help to vietnam to aid the french because they feared that the communism would spead thoughtout asia. .